Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Here" Responce

The techniques the poet uses to convey his attitude toward the place is how humanity is portrayed in a negative way that poets or he write. Larkin shows conditions of emptiness through everyday life. Maybe a life of his own where he was driving in the busy streets on the free way that may have up set him. I notice him talk about water which could have been his values of solitude.

Larkin also uses four eight- line stanzas and they each have rime scheme. He focuses on swerving a lot which followed with traffic as if he was up set about what was happening. He also uses swerving through fields and thistles that was called meadows. Who ever is talking is driving through these areas that they are mentioning, and while he is driving he slowly takes his mind off of the traffic to see the skies and scarecrows, haystacks and so on. So in all actually the speakers mind is swerving not the automobile.

The first line of the second stanza is a continuation of the last line of the first stanza. Where all the swerving from the skies and the shadows through the fields took him to the place he finds surprisingly a big town. As he describes the town he then goes into the items they are warring, cheap suits, red-kitchen ware, and sharp shoes talking about them as if he were not there.

The speaker once again catalogues the people from what he sees as “A cut priced crowd, urban yet simple dwelling where only sales men come to have a good time. Larkin goes on to describing a city where he lives or where the places he is describing are. In the over all piece he identifies loneliness and notices that it still exists in the world even isolated villages.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Writing Prompt: The Metamorphosis

Gregor's metamorphosis's has changed Grete from being a little sister that had no responsibility. To a sales women, that has become selfish only thinking about herself. Grete has no time for Gregor anymore. Before Gregor tranformed into a huge bug he was the provider for the family. No one took her serious before Gregor turned in to a roach. Grete was only seventeen years old living off of her brother. Grete and the rest of the family feel's Gregor is a burden and causing them stress, only because he is not providing for them.

I would say that Gregor viewed himself as a man trapped into a job that he hates,but he's happy that he can take care of his family. Gregor loves his family and would go as far as paying off his fathers debt after his business collapsed. Grete on the other hand is adoring and committed to Gregor before he transformed into a bug. Grete's motive were a mixture of devotion by his parents and being a child not really understanding his bug- ness. She was the one who voiced that Gregor was never going to be human.

Father viewed himself as a hard working man that made mistakes. But Gregor would quietly say that he is a slouching, defeated man who let his failured business weaken his vatality. his father fould himself after he seen that there economics situation needed some help so he started to work again. Gregor's mother was weak physicallyand mentally. She suffered mostly from the fact that her son was a bug. Despite her love for gregor, her health was terrible when ever she saw him with her own eyes. Because father and Grete was so sensative for mother they started to resent him because Gregor was the one who was making her weak on top of being weak.

When Gregor was a human he already felt isolated form the world. Grete was a teenager that was living luxury and didn't have to worry about anything. Father didnt care abount nothing really as long as his debt was being paid off he was ok. Mother was a mother that was weak for everything and a women who lovedher family no matter what.

These metamorphoses contributed to the over all meaning of the work. Franz Kafka rebelled against his father's meteralism. So he wrote metaphorical stories to over come his break down. It also explains how Kafka focuses maimly on the transformation of gregor the main character. That is about to change throughout the story within each character. As well as the change in the relationship between the sister grete and Gregor. These Metamorphoses contributed to the over all work to see how people change so Drastically, like in the beginging of the book Gregor was a loving brother and son who took the responsibility of his family. To him being called a burden and stressful because he was a bug. No matter what happened to Gregor If he would of stayed alive or dead they would of eventally started to treat him bad.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

10 Discussion Questions

  1. When Gregor was working his parent’s dept off he was thinking about them so why did they exclude him? They excluded him because he was just a meal ticket to them. He was providing for them so of course they aren’t going to make him feel out of place.
  2. Do you think that they move the furniture in the room to kill him faster? I think they did the mother was unsure at first but after the accident with the father and Gregor she didn’t care any more. That was Grete’s plan the whole time she wanted more attention.
  3. Does Gregor's family feel sadness at his death? Relief? No they didn’t feel sadness they wanted him gone so they can live on with there lives. It would be more relief than sadness because when he first transformed they were scared and showed that they loved him but to me it was a cover up. That’s because at the end they all went to get a breath of fresh air and to walk. What family does that after a loved one has passed on?
  4. How does Gregor's family get over losing Gregor so quickly? They got over him so quickly because he was not doing for them no more.
  5. Why is the family more quiet at meal times? They were more quiet at meal time because they felt there was nothing else to talk about.
  6. How does this chapter satirize American families today? This chapter satirizes American families because it shows that Americans give up and just use each other. Not caring what the other is really feeling or only caring about money. The characters show that they love him but not enough to take care of him or show remorse when he dies.
  7. Why does Grete all of the sudden start playing her violin now? Sje started to play her violin because it was a sensitive spot for her brother. Also to make others feel comfortable in there house because there were others living there so they can afford to pay there house bills.
  8. If Gregor is a bug, why do his feelings tend to be more human than when he was a human? Because he sees now that they were using him he wanted things to get better and back to the way things were he still wanted to be that protector for his family.
  9. Why does Grete NOW choose to get a job? Both her parents are getting them so what is the point? She now chooses to get a job because she wants to be the spot light to her parents to show that she is a responsible teenager and can take care of her self like Gregor did for the family.
  10. Is there significance why the Maid finds Gregor dead and not one of his family members? After Gregor turns into a bug, he mentions that his family sometimes goes on walks together. The maid found him because the family didn’t care to check on him when he was sick. As a family he says, and they went for a walk after they found out he died so there was no reason at that moment maybe Kafka was just making excuses for the family becase that’s what he would do for his family.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Writting Prompt 1 - 9/19/08

In 1984, by George Orwell, Whinston would wold be the character in the novel that struggles to free himself from the others. Whinston is to his self he try's to free his self of the people in power which is the big brother. This novel is being told in third person because it gives the story more reason to believe.

There is more than one arguement in this novel. The first arguement is how people in power are trying to control the people. Whilson is trying to get free from them because he wants to be his own indivdual. The second arguement is now