Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Here" Responce

The techniques the poet uses to convey his attitude toward the place is how humanity is portrayed in a negative way that poets or he write. Larkin shows conditions of emptiness through everyday life. Maybe a life of his own where he was driving in the busy streets on the free way that may have up set him. I notice him talk about water which could have been his values of solitude.

Larkin also uses four eight- line stanzas and they each have rime scheme. He focuses on swerving a lot which followed with traffic as if he was up set about what was happening. He also uses swerving through fields and thistles that was called meadows. Who ever is talking is driving through these areas that they are mentioning, and while he is driving he slowly takes his mind off of the traffic to see the skies and scarecrows, haystacks and so on. So in all actually the speakers mind is swerving not the automobile.

The first line of the second stanza is a continuation of the last line of the first stanza. Where all the swerving from the skies and the shadows through the fields took him to the place he finds surprisingly a big town. As he describes the town he then goes into the items they are warring, cheap suits, red-kitchen ware, and sharp shoes talking about them as if he were not there.

The speaker once again catalogues the people from what he sees as “A cut priced crowd, urban yet simple dwelling where only sales men come to have a good time. Larkin goes on to describing a city where he lives or where the places he is describing are. In the over all piece he identifies loneliness and notices that it still exists in the world even isolated villages.

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